The crazy things you do when you put your kids first

Looking for the Best Home Security Solution

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Alright, so I have always been the really, really paranoid type. When I was little, I snuck into my mom and dad’s bedroom all the time. Most nights, I would sleep in the same room with my younger brother. This was even more true if it was windy or stormy outside.

So, it is no surprise that I have continued my skiddish ways now.

I can’t stand staying alone.

I hate it when my husband travels.

I leave the TV on to help me go to sleep so that I don’t hear anything creepy outside or inside!

And, I’m always thinking about serial burglars, rapists, stalkers, drug addicts trying to get into my house. That’s why I set off on a mission to sell my husband on a brand new alarm system. First step, do your research.

There are some pretty neat systems out there. They let you secure your home, watch it while you’re away, and also locks doors and turn on lights from your phone. Tell me that isn’t cool. I had been using old school timers to turn on lights and make it look like I’m at home.

Then, I found this cool site, 24/7 Home Security. There is an overview of the home security systems on the market and a big home security system comparison that lets you browse just systems with the features that you want. There is also a lot of good information about how criminals break into houses and some practical steps that you can take to secure your home even without a security system.

In the end, I’m not sure that my hubby is going to buy into this, but, at a minimum, maybe I can get him to take a look at the home security tips article and put those on his to-do list.


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