The crazy things you do when you put your kids first

Christmas in the Caribbean?

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I need a break.  Having a toddler hanging from your legs all the time is tiring.

As moms, I admire our effort to make sure our kids have everything they need. There’s always some way to get a little extra energy for storytime, washing clothes, for a bubble bath, making dinner, doing the dishes. I’m getting tired just thinking about it.  We are incredible and sometimes we don’t hear that very often.  And, hence we feel more tired and run down.

We know how to work a solid day, right? Two weeks ago, I asked moms on Facebook what time they go to bed and what time they wake up. Y’all are averaging six hours of sleep a night. Which, to me, sounds good at first, until you realize that a good eight hours of sleep makes you feel like a brand new woman.

I know I’m tired. And all things considered, I’ve got a support system. So for all of you in the same boat and you’ve got no one to lean on…I’m rooting for you. I’m praying for you. And, I hope you get that siesta very soon.

One thing that I’ve been trying to do is be more adventurous. I don’t mean I’ll be flying overseas any time soon but I’m trying to get more spontaneity in my life.

Sometimes it’s just the every day grind. Wake up, make breakfast, wash clothes, do dishes, nap time, snack time, lunch time, nap time, TV, make dinner,  shower (if I’m lucky), storytime, bed, TV, sleep. You feel like a hamster on a wheel!

I can’t even remember the last date we had.  I think I’d worry about the kids the whole time.

It made me remember how much fun there is to be had in life and that motherhood should only enhance my sense of adventure, not diminish it. I’m declaring this my season for fun and taking chances and trying new things. I want a full, well-rounded life and that starts with me taking charge and doing things that help me feel whole. Who’s with me?


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