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Staples 1.6 features Modes, new devices, and upgrades features

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Staples keeps adding features to keep up with the established home automation vendors. I’m sure this could make life easier in some ways, but I’m scared I’ll spend more time fighting it than enjoying it.

Staples Connect

We’ve just released a new update to Staples Connect, packed with lots of new features, devices, and performance improvements. Here are some of the things you can look forward to in Staples Connect 1.6.

Modes are here!

Modes are here!

Modes let your home stay in sync with you. Whether you’re Home, Away, Sleeping, or on Vacation, your home will behave just like you would. Here’s how you can set up your Home Mode to greet you when you walk in the door after work each day.

D-Link Hub Migration Tool

Migrate your hub

You can replace your Linksys hub with the new Staples Connect hub powered by D-Link using the easy-to-use migration tool now available in the app.

New Devices Added

Introducing the LG ZigBee Light Bulb and Centralite 3-Series Lamp Module

We’ve added the LG Zigbee Bulb and the Centralite 3-Series ZigBee Lamp Module to the Device Catalog. The LG Zigbee Bulb will instantly create a warm and welcoming environment with its traditional yellowish light…

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