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Final thoughts on the Internet of Things

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I don’t think a couple hundred bucks is out of reach for most people. If you can spend that much on cell phones and rims then it’s just a matter of priorities. I think that’s the underlying issue. People just don’t see how it makes like easier yet.

The Internet of Things

After looking at a variety of products throughout this blog, we can identify some common trends among the Internet of Things products.

1) Many do not fill a need

Just because it’s cool, doesn’t mean it’s necessary. For a product to be necessary, the market has to have a need for it; meaning there is a problem with no other solution. If an Internet of Things product can be that solution, can fill that need, it creates a demand. This is great, but doesn’t seem common within the current market. Most non smart appliances work just fine. The majority of us don’t have the need or desire to research, purchase, install, and learn how to use one of these new devices.

2) Still only for the upper class

Very few of these devices are affordable for the lower, working, or middle class family. The companies making these products may profit from sales…

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